Redbriar Studio

This is the place, right here, my happy place, my creative space, my little corner of the world that I try to get to as often as possible, and stay in as long as any outside conflicting forces will allow me to.  Not that all outside conflicting forces are bad mind you, in fact some are really awesome!  There are grandchildren to spoil, gardens to tend, tea parties to host, friends, farmer's markets, flea markets, French cuisine, etc., etc., and of course the husband to feed and water, and all of the other fabulous things that make life interesting and wonderful.  But still... this is the place.  Welcome to my studio!

Here I try to surround myself with beautiful flowers and plants, , inspiration, references, resources, fascinating art supplies (my weakness and addiction), and everything else that I might need for when I do get here.  Oh yes and coffee, lots of coffee, especially the girly kind with sweet cream and such...happy happy!

Now lets get to work!!!