When I studied graphic design "back in the day", we used to actually cut things out with Exacto knives and paste them elsewhere with horrible, gooey, toxic-smelling, rubber cement.  Now "cut and paste" are simple clicks of a button on a keyboard.  I'm an old school artist, there's just something about using real paint and real brushes the way it's always been done, but I have to say, some of this new digital technology for artist's is way cool!

I've just recently discovered, and am learning my way around, print on demand (POD's) options and opportunities, to put your art on just about anything!  Some of these sites and shops have been around for awhile, but digital advances are making these things easy and affordable for anyone to use and now they're popping up everywhere.

On sites such as Fine Art America, Redbubble, Zazzle, Cafe' Press, to name a few, you can upload your artwork and see how it will look on t-shirts, pencil skirts, silk scarves, throw pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains, phone cases, etc., etc., how cool is that!  This can become a huge waste of time just playing with all of the  options, but what a fun way to waste time right?  And then there's Spoonflower, my new obsession, where you can design and print anything on any kind of fabric!  Beautiful, glorious, yards of fabric,...or even wrapping paper, or wallpaper, and even see what it would look like in a room!  It can be printed digitally in small runs, and then you can make it into anything you want, again, how cool is that!!!  So I just had to share my excitement for these things, even if I'm coming to the party late, to an old school artist who's not really a digital fan, this is kinda awesome I think.