Well spring has finally nearly arrived, after what has seemed like one of the longest winters ever!  Although we didn't get our normal deep blanketing of fluffy white stuff this year, the long, dark, grey, rainy days have made the sunshine such a wonderful, warm blessing.  The grass is greening, leaves are leafing, and the woods are blooming with beautiful windflowers.  So finally... out of the studio and into the forest for some much needed fresh air and inspiration!


Something that I've learned (through much trial and error) is that one of the easiest ways to ruin a watercolor painting is to overwork it.  If you've ever tried this medium, I'm sure you know what I mean.  Maybe trying to finish a piece too quickly in one sitting, or by bringing in too many colors and not letting the previous colors dry, over-mixing, MUD.  Yep, been there!  So here's a little trick I often tell my students to make sure that doesn't happen... multitask!  

I often have 3-5 projects on my desk (or desks) at the same time so that I can jump between them. This allows the layers of paint to dry completely before adding another.  With watercolor being a transparent medium, it's all about the layers, and building them up slowly to maintain the integrity of those beautiful colors.  So there's my little nugget of art advice for the day...keep on painting!

Native plants and pollinators project - works in progress.

Native plants and pollinators project - works in progress.