I always try to keep a sketchbook / artist’s journal…, or several actually, that’s probably why I rarely finish any one. I have one in my car, one in my travel backpack, a little one in my handbag, several randomly stuffed in drawers around my house or studio. I often try to join daily journaling groups, and things like “Inktober” challenges, with accountability and prompts from other journalists to keep me drawing, even if I rarely keep up, it’s still fun to see what other people are up to. Other important things often get in the way of my daily doodles, but it’s always good to be ready just in case I see something that inspires me while going about my day. Drawing it out sometimes helps me to remember something that struck me at the time.

My pages often go unfinished, or never grow into the vision I had of whatever inspired me in the first place,…but sometimes they do! Some people I know have such gorgeous journal entries they’re worthy of framing themselves, or publishing into a real book maybe! Not mine, I sometimes think some of mine might need to be ripped out and thrown away even, but I guess it’s part of the journey, and it’s still a good practice to keep, even if only occasionally.

So here are a couple of entries from one of my journals, I hope you get yourself a book of paper and do some doodling yourself, even if they never develop into anything more than a little doodle, the creative process is a wonderful thing, and often very therapeutic!