Maybe living in Michigan isn't the best location for a botanical artist.  Maybe that's why there are so few of us here and why most people I know have never heard of what I do.  That's probably because for a large portion of the year it looks like a frozen wonderland here, beautiful, but very lacking in greenery.  Especially during that long span of time between the festive holidays and the first thaw, right about now. It does cause a creative challenge, having to squirrel away reference photos when everything's blooming for painting later.  But being able to bring color back to winter...maybe that's exactly why I do this!

Walking into my studio this morning, with my hot cup of coffee, recovering from a week of bronchitis, with nothing but lots of white sparkly snow outside, it still made me smile to be greeted with all of these bright cheery flowers!  I'm stocking up for my spring art fairs and getting ready to hang a solo exhibit so my little space is a bit crowded right now, but what better way to spend a cold winter day than in my winter garden!

So here's another little peek into another corner of my little studio!  As for my suggestions for cold winter days, (aside from painting flowers maybe), is to "cozy in", hunker down, hibernate, the Danes call it "hygge".  Build a fire if you can, light some candles, pile on the fuzzy blankets and wooly sweaters, drink some hot tea (or hot toddies, or mulled wine), read some good books, listen to good music, and stay warm, we'll get through this, spring is coming, I'm sure of it!!!