I'm not really a runner, like some more athletic people I know are, in fact if you see me running something must be chasing me so you should run too.  Lately though, with just one more holiday art fair to go before the end of the year, I feel as if I'm nearing the end of a marathon year,... YAY!  

It was only a year ago that I created this website, started this blog, vowed to write something here at least once a month to whomever might read it, opened 3 online shops, entered and participated in 14 gallery exhibits and/or art fair events, including two national exhibits and one entirely solo show, and opened a local shop space at a consignment artisan market, plus teaching,...and life.  It's been an awesome, crazy, busy, sweet year!

I'm looking forward to starting some new works, planning next years events, and seeing where the Lord takes me from here, and I'm still amazed at how blessed I am to get to do this!

Merry Christmas!